Installation and Maintenance for Playground Chips

To start the Installation and Maintenance process you need to clean the playground area thoroughly. Remove old chips, trash, stumps, stones or other obstructions that could cause injury in the event of a fall.

Outline the perimeter of the playground area with landscape edging. This will help keep the chips from spilling or washing out of the playground area due to foot traffic, rain, wind, etc.

Install landscape fabric under playground area to prevent weeds from coming through the chips.

Add chips to the playground area to compacted depth of at least 12 inches. Consider adding extra chips to high use areas such as under swings and at slide exits. Make sure chips are raked out smoothly and evenly.

Routine preventive maintenance should be performed in the playground area including the periodic inspection of the chips to ensure that they are still properly in place, especially around swings and slides. Rake chips back into place as needed to maintain depth of 12 inches.

Chips should be topped off every two (2) years to ensure a continued compacted depth of 12 inches.

The truck driver shall deliver a hard copy of these Installation and Maintenance Instructions upon delivery. The customer may also request an electronic copy of these instructions and/or a mailed hard copy.

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